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Reconnect. Heal. Love. 

Erwecke Deine Innere Stärke 


Namasté & Hola ,

Schön, dass Du hier bist! 

Ich bin Marcella.

Als zertifizierte Yogalehrerin, Breathwork Coach und Ernährungsberaterin  begleite ich dich in  meinem Workshops, Kakaozeremonien, Kursen und Retreats auf dem Weg zu Deinem ganzheitlichen Wohlbefinden.



Breathwork is an incredible tool when it comes to exploring and realigning ourselves at the deepest level. 

In addition to all the tremendous health benefits on a physical level, , with a consistent practice of breathwork, we also manage to shed all the layers that hide our true selves.

My breathwork sessions consist of movement and pranayama breathing techniques and will help you to direct your perception deep within and to reprogram your mind for serenity and relaxation through continuous practice. 

Yoga helps us to feel more deeply into our body. To bring our mind, soul and body into harmony with one another so that we feel balanced and light.


Yoga is so much more than just practicing asanas

(exercise postures). It is much more about getting into our body by concentrating on our flow of breath and specifically calming our mind. 

This is exactly what my yoga classes aim for. They help you to connect with yourself, to experience your body in a new way and at the same time to relax deeply. 

Your muscles will also be strengthened, your fascia stretched, your blood pressure lowered and your nervous system calmed down. 



"Your body is your temple. Keep it pure and clean for the soul to reside in."

BKS Iyengar

The Philosophy of Yoga y Plantas 

Yoga y Plantas [YogaiPlantas] translated from Spanish means "Yoga & Plants".  But why plants, you're probably wondering now and why is it all in Spanish at all?  

Yoga y Plantas combines everything related to the topicHealth & Wholeness. Movement and breathing, nature and connection - to ourselves and above all to nature.Just as it is important that we connect with our body and our breath, it is at least as important that we regularly connect with our wonderful nature and thus with our origins, "back to the roots" so to speak , because over time, especially here in our western world, we have unfortunately forgotten something. During my three-month trip through South America, I got to know many "plantas", i.e. plants from indigenous cultures, which have helped me tremendously in my personal life,  Such as cocoa, for example. Hence the name Yoga y Plantas, which is very important to me. 

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